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Telegram账号无故被ban有感-Acoount banned without a reason. My life ruined!!
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最近google搜索趋势又显示telegram ban 搜索趋势上涨,本页访问量也不断上涨。还好我早就认清了telegram的真面目。劝来到本页面的朋友们,早日退tg,早日获得新生。

未spam,随意ban号,提示此帐号黑屁过多,telegram真有你的。qq封号还有安全中心申诉,tg直接禁止登录,数据全无。别人看我的账号显示Deleted Account。

官方给出了申诉地址 。但这个域名看着就很奇怪,发邮件也没有人回复。无论在tg应用内,还是邮件支持,官方都没有任何人员进行回复,甚至连机器人自动回复都没有。



Forward from:

I used Telegram on a daily bases to talk to my customers and workmates, my job actually depends on this applicacion!!

I need to reply many people now i can't even contact as i didn't have their email addresses or phone numbers, this is a horrible disaster for me! Telegram why are you doing this to me?? Why don't you send a warning or whatever before??

For some reason it has been banned, I dont know why but i have a suspicion, i was in several "gile jaunes" groups, and was the admin of one of them, not secret groups at all, they were open groups that anyone could join from join links.

A few days back a lot of bots (obvious bots) started to join the group and no one talked, I sent a few PMs to these new users to know where they were coming from, so many and all at the same time, more than 100.

Some user said: this is the police, that's how they act when they want to shut down a group, I laughed and considered this guy to be paranoid, a few hours later they started to share ilegal content and I said i would call the police if the continued to share it, and banned the user who did it, but another used did the same, so I shut down the group as it seemed as a perfectly coordinated group of people trying to get the group banned.

This is the only thing I think that could have caused the shut down of the account, but I have nothing to do with these users or their content all, they call can check my logs. I need my account restored.

Acoount banned without a reason. My life ruined!! from r/Telegram

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